Book review: A closer look at organizational culture in action / ed. by S.D. Göker. – London : IntechOpen, 2021. – 140 p.

Rarenko A.A.


The book deals with topical issues of organizational culture, which is based on the values, beliefs, special attitude of em-ployees to the surrounding reality, which determine their organizational behaviour. It shows how the cultures are created organically or through consistent planning and action in various organizations, in such fields as education, business and healthcare; the articles focus more on change, innovation and employee training opportunities. The authors provide practical advice to business owners and managers, as well as governments, on how to initiate a change in organizational culture, having made it more innovative and based on the principles of continuous learning.


organizational culture; innovation culture; values; organizational behavior; personnel.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2021.04.09

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