Yadova M.A.


The expectations and requirements that postmodern so-ciety imposes on the personality are the subject of this paper. The au-thor emphasises the fact that the ideas of modernisation are prospective and unlimited and establishes the elusive outlines of «liquid modernity» and new tendencies characteristic of 21st century society. The concept of the «modern personality», developed by the American sociologist A. Inkeles in the 1970s, is analysed, and its relevance and effectiveness is stated as applied to the realities of today’s society. The advantage of the «modern personality» model is its invariance and independence from the sociocultural characteristics of various societies. Openness to innovations, absence of fear of change, tolerance for those who differ from us, respect for laws and a developed sense of responsibility for the fate of the society in which the person lives are the most important personality traits nowadays that allow us to adequately respond to the challenges and risks of an increasingly complicated world.


modernity; postmodernity; the concept of the «modern personality» by A. Inkeles.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2020.04.07

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