Language challenges in the 21st century: socio-psychological aspects. (Review)

Yakimova E.V.


The review studies socio-psychological aspects of lin-guistic trends in the 21st century; basing on empirical data, the paper outlines the functions of language as a tool for the formation and preservation of social stereotypes as well as analyzes the linguistic components of complex identities in the framework of intersectionality and multilingualism, also considering the role of language in constitut-ing intergroup relations. Particular attention is paid to the potential of contemporary language challenges for the development of tolerance in the global world.


language challenges; globalization; multilingualism; sociolinguistics; language in social psychology; social cognition; identity; categorization; stereotypes; prejudice; intersectionality; communica-tion; metaphor; stigma; historical and cultural trauma; positive psychology.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2021.01.03

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