Post-covid society in the focus of sociology: old and new trends. (Review of the XVI Kovalevsky Readings)

Kozin S.V., Zhidyaeva T.P.


This review is devoted to the past All-Russian Scientific Conference – XVI Kovalevsky Readings held in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University on November 17–19, 2022. The theme of the readings is «Sociology in the post–global world: problems and prospects». The authors of the review briefly highlighted the most interesting and promising reports presented by a large number of speakers at working thematic sections and specially organized two round tables. In particular, the participants of the conference considered various aspects of the development of digital technologies; and their impact on modern everyday and working life of people. In addition, a considerable part of the papers was devoted to new research in the field of the study of precarization, gender and demographic problems, innovations in the domestic education system, health system, etc. The authors of this review believe that the results that the speakers highlighted will give a new tangible impulse for further development of Russian sociology.


gender; demography; Kovalevsky Readings; precariat; labor market.

DOI: 10.31249/rsoc/2023.03.11

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